2nd Annual Boomtown 48 Hour Video Race

The Lamar University Communications Department hosts the 2nd annual Boomtown 48 Hour Video Race. All entries that are received on time will be screened at the 2012 Boomtown Film and Music Festival on February 24-25 and a winner will be announced during the festival’s awards ceremony.


  • Teams may participate in the race for free.
  • Teams may consist of any number of people.
  • The race starts at 8PM on Friday, January 27th, 2012 at the Tradewinds Tavern at the MCM Elegante and entries are due 48 hours later at 8PM on Sunday, January 29th.
  • At the beginning of the race each team will be randomly assigned a genre and prop to use.
  • Each team must have a representative present at the kick-off of the race in order to register.
  • All materials (footage, music, etc.) used during the race should be original or used with the express permission of the creators. Points will be deducted for the use of copyrighted materials.
  • All entries should be no longer than 4 minutes, including credits.
  • Teams may turn their entries in on video DVDs or as data files (on data discs or flash drives). Data files are encouraged.

To see who else is coming and to RSVP, check out our Facebook Event Page.

Here’s is Christopher Dombrosky and Professor O’Brien Stanley explaining the rules last year, followed by some of the entries: