Music Video Contest

Please vote on your favorite Music Video team. Only the top 3 videos will be screened at the festival and the winners announced during the festival awards ceremony. You have to first like our facebook page before you can vote. Each facebook user can vote once per day. Youtube views do not factor into the voting. Voting takes place from January 13th – February 19th, 2014.
DISCLAIMER: Some videos may contain adult situations, drug use, and nudity.

DIRECT LINKS to each Team’s video:
Team Lady Liberty’s – Delicious Fuzz “Granny’s House”
Team Poor Patrick Productions – Grace London “Boys”
Team Lamen Tation – Bantem Foxes “Temperature Dropping”
Team Radiowaves – The Ron Jeremies “Little Ditty”
Team Land of Z – We Are Wombat “Snow Globe”
Team Wolverines – Jenny and the Reincarnation “Witch Doctor”
Team Ad Hoc Beaumont – Vanilla Sugar “Bullseye” (ADULT MATERIAL)
Team Dali Dollies – DollyRockers “Once Were Young”
Team Cat Shoes – Hitchhikers “Space Cape Blanket”