Most music, TV & film today is produced by semi-pros and enthusiasts on a tight budget. Since social media tools like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are free, it makes sense for musicians and filmmakers of all stripes to take advantage of them to develop an audience for their work. But that doesn’t mean that just anyone should be doing the outreach. You cannot be effective in social media by randomly blasting out random content to the internet. Social media tools work best when the people behind them have a genuine passion for what they’re sharing. During this presentation Giovanni will teach videographers and musicians alike how to effectively use social media to promote their work and advance their careers.

This is an intermediate level presentation which will answer the following questions:
1. What are the 5 basic social media tactics a filmmaker needs to know?
2. How can a musician use Flickr to promote and optimize their band?
3. How can an artist use social media to raise funds for their next project?
4. Is twitter a waste of time? Really? Is it all hype or can it actually be an effective tool to promote your work?
5. How does a musician or filmmaker use social media to meet industry peers and make better use of their time at seminars and conferences?

Panelist: Giovanni Galluci (Social media guru from Dallas, Texas)

Date: Saturday, February 25th at Dishman Art Museum
Time: 4PM