UPDATE:  No longer taking submissions for the 2014 Festival.

The 2014 Boomtown Film and Music Festival is now accepting contest entries in all categories. We have a early bird, normal and late submission deadline. Late entries will be accepted, but we can only guarantee judging if your film is received before New Year’s Day 2014.

We welcome EPKs (electronic press kits), production stills and other types of promotional material and encourage you to include them with your entry.


A Feature-length film (>40 minutes) that is narrative in nature.
A film of any length that is narrative in nature and was made by high students or younger.
A short film (< 40 minutes) that is narrative in nature.
A film on any length that tries to document reality and was made by high school students or younger.
A film of any length that tries to document reality.
A film of any length that is experimental in nature or a short film shot and edited to be accompanied by a single piece of music, either of which being made by high school students or younger.

A film of any length that is experimental in nature or a short film shot and edited to be accompanied by a single piece of music

Contest Guidelines

Films MUST be submitted either digitally online or physically by mailing in a data disc/SD card/USB drive or a video DVD in NTSC format. Other formats such as VHS, Hi8, etc. will not be accepted.

If submitting your film as a data file (by digitally or by mail) we highly recommend that you avoid obscure file formats. If we can’t watch your film then we can’t accept your film. We suggest using one of the following standard file types: .avi, .mov, .wmv, or .flv.

Data files should be named after the title of the film, and video DVDs should be clearly labeled with your name, contact info, film run time and entry category.
Under no circumstances will any of the materials you send in be returned after the festival.

By entering the contest you’re stating that you are, or have the permission of, the film’s copyright holder. If you are not the sole creator of the film or any of its elements then you must first obtain permission from all rights holders of the creative property before sending the film to our festival.

Our policy is to only accept films which were completed no longer than two years prior to the festival date. However, if there are extenuating circumstances we may consider accepting older projects. Just ask.

We reserve the right to create or eliminate categories based upon the type, number and quality of entries. Also, all decisions made by the judges are final.

How to Enter:

There are two ways to submit your film.
1). PHYSICAL SUBMISSIONS: The first step in submitting your film physically is to fill out the online entry form. Afterwards you will be able to print out a packing slip and pay the submission fee securely via Paypal. (If you don’t want to use Paypal then you may instead mail payment in along with your film.)
The two items that you then need to mail in are the printed packing slip and your film. A possible third item is payment for your if you have not already paid through Paypal. Acceptable forms of payment are check and money order.

Mail your entry to:

2). ONLINE SUBMISSIONS: Our preferred method of submission is to send your film to via our We Transfer site at We Transfer is a free, user-friendly service, but it does cap file sizes at 2 GB. Larger files will need to be mailed in physically or transferred to us through an alternate service.
Your online submission will not be officially accepted until you have filled out the online entry form and afterwards paid the submission fee either securely via Paypal or by physically mailing a check or money order to the address listed above.

Submission Fees

Submission Fee via Paypal

Please click the “PayPal” button next to your film category type. The paypal shopping cart will appear below and click “Checkout with Paypal” to complete the transaction. Please be sure to include the name of your film as note in the Paypal transaction screen.

Film Type
Early Bird
October 15 2013
Regular Deadline
December 15 2013
Late Deadline
January 1, 2014
Feature length films$15.00

Short, Documentaries, Experimental, Music Video$10.00

Student Films (High School or University - must show proof of attendance)FREEFREE