Dodies are a garage rock band from Israel. A duo of the remaining band members of the former Hebrew punk rock band WeSuck. Yoni Avittan plays guitar and sings, Ran Aaronson plays bass lines on keyboard while drumming one-handed. Yoni and Ran changed their music from Hebrew to English and formed Dodies. In 2016 they recorded, produced, mixed and independently released their first album “It’s One Hell of a Ride” recorded in Ran’s room. That same year they released the video of their song ‘Suburban Nights’ on YouTube. In 2017 Dodies came to America! They recorded the first songs of their next album at ORB Studios in Austin, Texas.
Hometown: Israel
Band Members: Ran Aronson (drums / bass / keyboard) Yoni avittan (Vocals / Guitar)

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