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Cast and Crew Calls April 1-7 2017


Are you looking to work on a short film or take acting classes? Our friends at the Houston Film Commission make a list of casting/crew calls every week, which is a brilliant idea! You can subscribe to their newsletter at their website http://www.houstonfilmcommission.com.
If you have a project that you need a crew or cast, please email us!



  • Skoolbo (http://skoolbo.net) is seeking a bi-lingual Production Assistant who speaks and writes fluent Spanish for work on a live action production with an English/Spanish cast beginning April 13th for 12 weeks. Shooting will be at the Skoolbo studio in The Woodlands from 10A-7P Monday-Friday. The PA position pays $600/week for 40-hours a week. Please e-mail resumes to [email protected]


  • 14 Pews (www.14pews.com) is seeking an EXPERIENCED Adobe Premiere EDITOR to edit a feature documentary.  You must have edited one feature documentary and have links to your work that you can send me.  The pay is $600 a week for 40-hours a week and all editing must happen at our office between the hours of 9AM – 6PM, Monday – Sunday.  We unfortunately can not work with editors who can not come to the office.  Please email your cover letter and any video links of your work to [email protected]


  • “Crooked”, a web series about two crooked cops that work together in Houston, is seeking a Gaffer and Location Sound Mixer for a shoot in Houston. The positions are Paid. Please submit resume/reels to [email protected]


  • A drama short film project is seeking cast & crew for a two-day late spring early summer shoot in Houston. Synopsis : A six year old boy, Ian, attracts the wrong attention when he is forced to spend time alone outside, while his mom entertains last night’s company inside. Crew needed: On-Location Sound Mixer, having own equipment is a plus, but not necessary; Camera Operator, having own equipment is a plus, but not necessary; Editor, must have editing software and knowledge of film grading. Cast & Crew will be Paid (TBD). Please send resumes to Montreal Keir Martin at [email protected]


CREW CALL [Non paid]

  • Sedohr Media is seeking motivated production & post-production crew for shooting the short film THANK YOU. Experienced & inexperienced crew welcome, seeking to build a network for this production and future productions. Crew Needed: Production Assistants, Camera Operators, Make-up artists (SFX included), Editors (Audio & Film). Compensation: Full meals/snacks during production, footage for your reel, film credit on IMDb. If you’re interested in joining our team, please email Full Name, Number, Resume (if applicable), Links to your works/website (if applicable) to [email protected]


  • Master Hughes Productions is seeking Cast & Crew for indie feature MOUNTAIN STALKER shooting summer/fall in Conroe, TX. Synopsis: A lone park ranger is sent into the mountains when too many people are reported missing, he discovers a serial killer that moves from park to park around the nation. A camera man is also needed, compensation depends on experience. Please send headshot/resume/reel to Master Hughes Productions [email protected]



  • A drama short film project is seeking cast & crew for a two-day late spring early summer shoot in Houston. Synopsis : A six year old boy, Ian, attracts the wrong attention when he is forced to spend time alone outside, while his mom entertains last night’s company inside. Cast Needed: Ian – six years of age, biracial in appearance, acting discipline, good w/direction; Stranger – 20s and over, slim to medium build, caucasian, acting discipline, good w/direction. Cast & Crew will be Paid (TBD). Please send resumes to Montreal Keir Martin at [email protected]


  • Tiburon Transmedia is seeking actors for a promotional video filming in Houston, Texas. We are looking for a mix of ages and ethnicities: Girl & Guy groups of friends: 5 female actresses (late 20’s and early 30’s)  3 male actors  (late 20’s and early 30’s). Couple: 1 female (mid 60’s) 1 male (mid 60’s). Family:  1 female (early 40’s)  1 male (early 40’s) 2 kids (9-15 years old – pre-teen and or teen). Compensation:  $150/day. Two day shoot with each pairs/groups. Filming will be between mid March to end of March. Please send headshots/resumes to Alejandro at [email protected]


  • TV I.M.A.G.E Productions LLC is seeking cast for Family After All, A transmedia comedic drama production. Family After All tells the story of a trans woman as a mother, wife and entrepreneur in modern day society.  The production also addresses the uncomfortable issues families are faced with such as HIV, teen pregnancy, gender identity, interracial relationships and more.  Written as a stage play, screenplay and teleplay to not only highlight the city of Houston but to maintain consistent production to create and sustain employment within the performing arts and moving image industry. Casting calls will be held throughout the month of March and April 2017 at Houston Media Source. The roles will be Paid. All available roles are listed at http://www.familyafterall.com/


  • 5150 Films is seeking a supporting role for short film “210 Killer”. Synopsis: An urban legend that took place in San Antonio about haunted train tracks and a serial killer. Role Needed: Elizabeth, supporting role, 20yo-30yo. Project scheduled to shoot April 8th & 9th in Houston. Role is Paid. Please email headshot/resume to [email protected]


CAST CALL [Non Paid]

  • Master Hughes Productions is seeking Cast for indie feature MOUNTAIN STALKER shooting summer/fall in Conroe, TX. Synopsis: A lone park ranger is sent into the mountains when too many people are reported missing, he discovers a serial killer that moves from park to park around the nation. Roles Needed: Man to be the mountain stalker, 6 ft or taller; Female to be ranger staff, any height, professional look; Male to be ranger staff, any height, professional look, short hair; Male to be camper, any height; Female to be camper, any height; All actors must be physically fit and able to hike in the forest. Actors will receive a nominal stipend for travel and meals on set. Please send headshot/resume/reel to Master Hughes Productions [email protected]


  • Actors needed for a short film shooting in Houston for a few days in early May 2017. “In My Mold” is an intimate story that explores identity and human connection with two lead characters in a same sex relationship. Cast Needed: MEI – Disconnected from the world, she spends most days just going through the motions. She is seeking something or someone to break her routine. Lead role, woman in her 20s, early to mid-30s, any ethnicity. HARLEY – A confident, assertive and carefree spirit who takes control of situations. Lead role, female in her 20s, early to mid-30s, any ethnicity. NOAH – Slightly smug, but still charming in his own way. Secondary role, male in his 20s, early to mid-30s, any ethnicity. WAITER – Secondary role, male in his 40s, 50s, any ethnicity. MEI #2 – Secondary role, female in her late 20s, early 30s, any ethnicity. MEI #3 – non-speaking role, female or genderqueer, any age, any ethnicity. HARLEY #2 – non-speaking role, male or genderqueer, any age, any ethnicity. Roles are Paid (Non-SAG). Please send headshot and resume/previous acting credits to [email protected]


  • Houston Television (HTV) is now casting hosts for a new entertainment show, THE RIDE. Houston Television producers are searching for energetic hosts who have a unique connection to entertainment, a light and fun interview personality and the ability to connect with the audience. If you love the television industry and think you have what it takes to host your own brand of an infotainment show – apply today. Role is Non-Paid. Please include your headshot and resume and or reel link, and email information to [email protected]



  • Gary Chason will conduct CAMERA TECHNIQUE FOR ACTORS workshop in Houston on four consecutive Monday nights, 7-10PM, at the Achieve Studio (4848 Guiton St., Suite 101, 77027): April 3, 10, 17, and 24, 2017. This class covers the mechanical aspects of film acting – the Craft. There will be a Written Exam and you will receive a numerical grade for each lesson and an overall grade for the workshop. This workshop has been compared to a college graduate-level course; Learn about marks, continuity, eyelines, the “line” or “Axis, set etiquette, and the language of the set. A 23 page hand-out, which explains everything thoroughly, is part of the workshop. Enrollment limited to 6 students. For more information please e-mail [email protected] or call 512-468-8293


  • Actor Sarah Gaston (http://www.saragaston.com ) is teaching an on-going class geared toward actors who have already been practicing their craft and want to continue to hone their skills and find deeper ways to explore. Each week will have a different focus and will draw from several acting schools including Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner and Harold Guskin. We’ll be working both on film and off, and explore script analysis, character development, freeing yourself from constraint, finding the core of the scene and more. When: Tuesdays, 6:30pm-9pm, resuming April 4th. Where: 5322 W Bellfort Ave #201, Houston, TX 77035 (on the corner of Bellfort and Chimney Rock) Who: Ages 13 and up. For questions or to apply for a spot in this class, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


  • John Wesley Downey will hold an Introduction to Voice Over Workshop on Saturday, April 15th from 1 to 5pm. Includes basic technique, prep, performance and constructive critiques. Covers Radio and TV commercials, industrial narration and more. Getting an agent, audio books and demos are also discussed. Workshop strictly limited to six students for a good student-teacher ratio. Payment accepted through Pay Pal. For more information contact John at [email protected]


  • BETA Theater is proud to announce two Level One Improv classes. BETA is the only theater in town run by film and theater professionals. This 8 week class focuses on the foundations of scenic improvisation. It’s fun.  It’s challenging. Students practice supporting each other with agreement, building creatively by listening for patterns, and making choices on stage with confidence. You will see improvements in your auditions and in your acting. Instructors are Hoja Lopez on Saturday afternoons and Billy Trim on Wednesday nights. DATES: Saturdays – 8 weeks, 2PM-5PM, Beginning September 10th, 2016. Wednesdays – 8 weeks, 7PM-10PM, Beginning September 14th, 2016. Register at www.betatheater.com or email [email protected]


  • Next Actor Studio is holding on-camera acting classes for adults, teens & kids at West U and Rice Village area, along with Stanislavski Method Sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students, as well as screenwriting and filmmaking workshops. Enrollment is ongoing. For more information please visit http://www.nextactor.com/ or e-mail [email protected] or call 713-532-2867


  • Reel Actors Studio offers adult acting classes Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm, Thursdays from 11am-1pm, and kids acting classes Saturday mornings from 10a-Noon. Private coaching and audition taping is also available. Classes are open to all level of actors and are taught by Mykle McCoslin (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1436538/ ), who is a Film, TV and Stage Actor who currently serves as the 1st Vice President of the Houston-Austin SAG-AFTRA local. Reel Actors Studio is located at 4848 Guiton St. Ste. 114, Houston 77027. (Richmond at 610 across from the Galleria.) For more information visit http://www.reelactorsstudio.com


  • Two of the best acting coaches in Hollywood, John Homa and Jeff Dockweiler offer an ONGOING/WEEKLY class in Houston, EVERY SATURDAY for ages 10-15 and 16 Up. We have over 30 years of experience and success in Hollywood audition rooms and on sets around the world. Our unique approach to story structure and how to succeed in the entertainment industry has proven instrumental in the success of a star-studded client list that includes, most recently, Brie Larson, Winner; 2016 Golden Globe-Best Actress, SAG Award Best Actress and Oscar- Best Actress for “Room”. For a more complete client list, please go to https://www.homaanddock.com/houston-classes Email us at [email protected] with your interest and we will send you more thorough information about the class.


  • “Actors Helping Actors” is a talented team approach by Marilyn Swick, SAG-AFTRA actor, bringing acting workshops for all ages and levels, that includes a production team to shoot reels, auditions, shorts, and even feature films.  The adult group meets on Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 pm. The mixed group adults/children meets on Saturdays from 10:00-11:30 am. All classes are held at my office in Memorial. Please visit my IMDB page to learn more about my work  http://www.imdb.me/marilynswick or e-mail [email protected] to hold a spot for the next workshop, private, or audition self-tape.  Class schedules and changes are posted 48 hours prior to class in the event I am booked on set.  For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/Actors-Helping-Actors-468351116701654



  • Houston MediaSource, Houston’s Public Access Television Channel, provides training and equipment for aspiring Film, TV, and radio producers. Houston’s creatives are welcomed to learn how their artistic visions can be transformed into high-quality film or TV productions at FREE Orientation Sessions held every Monday at 6 p.m. Houston MediaSource is located at 410 Roberts, 77003 in EaDo. Attendees will learn how they can produce their own TV shows, radio programs, and film projects at Houston MediaSource, using top of the line gear, studios, and editing facilities. Learn more at www.hmstv.org or RSVP to Roger E Palomino at  [email protected] or call (713) 524-7700 x112



  • Now in its ninth year, Aurora Picture Show‘s popular summer filmmaking camps give kids the opportunity to learn about, create, and discuss film and video. Part of our Media Education initiatives, our hands-on youth camps teach narrative and experimental filmmaking techniques, with local professionals guiding participants in developing, shooting, and editing digital short films. Camps are held Aurora Picture Show (2442 Bartlett Street, 77098). All camps are from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Ages: 8-11 (12 students max enrollment per camp) Camp 1: June 19 – 23. Camp 2: June 26 – 30. Camp 4: July 17 – 21. Ages: 12-15 (12 students max enrollment per camp) Camp 3: July 10 – 14. Camp 5: July 24 – 28. Camp 6: July 31 – Aug. 4. For complete information and to register please visit http://aurorapictureshow.org/pages/summer_filmmaking_camps_120.asp