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2018 48 Hour Film Race

Boomtown 48 Hour Film Race

Date: March 23, 2018

Time: 7-8PM

Place: 215 Orleans St, Beaumont, TX

Cost: FREE


  • The 48 Hour Film Race is open to all ages. Teams can consist of any number of people.
  • It is free to participate in the 48 Hour Film Race. However, participation in the race does not grant free entry at the Boomtown Film & Music Festival. Day passes will be sold at the door to those that only want to attend the Awards Ceremony. Teams may participate from anywhere in the world, but must have a representative present at the race kick-off in order to sign-in and spin for their genre.
  • At the beginning of the race, a representative of each team must come forward, sign-in with a team name and contact information, and spin the genre wheel to randomly receive their genre. Once every team has signed in, one additional wild card element will be announced.
  • All materials (footage, music, etc.) used during the race should be original or used with the permission of the creators. Unauthorized use of copyrighted materials will be taken into consideration by the judges.
  • Due to limited screen time during the festival, race films are limited to a maximum duration of 4 minutes each. Films with a run time greater than 4 minutes may be disqualified from the race.
  • The deadline to submit your video is 48 hours after the last team signs in and receives their genres. This will put the deadline around 8:00 PM on Sunday, March 23. Late entries will be accepted, but the time of receipt is recorded and taken into consideration during judging. In other words, if you’re late it counts against you. DON’T FORGET to plan for the time it will take you to render your file, upload your video or burn your disc.
  • It is preferred that teams turn in their entries as data files. We suggest submitting your videos electronically to [email protected] via a service like Wetransfer.com (which is free, user friendly and has a 2gb limit). Physical copies on flash drives or data discs will also be accepted. Race representatives will be at the Tradewinds Tavern (inside the MCM Eleganté) from 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM on Sunday night to accept physical entries.
  • Films will be judged based upon artistic and entertainment value, and adherence to the rules.
  • The first twelve teams to complete the race with qualifying films will have their movies screened at the 2018 Boomtown Film & Music Festival Awards Ceremony at the historic Jefferson Theatre on Saturday, April 20. The best ones will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place. There will be a cash prize of $100 for the 1st Place winner.
  • 5 free All-Access Passes to the 2018 Boomtown Film & Music Festival will be awarded the following week to the team that best documents the making of their video (brainstorming, writing, shooting, editing, etc.) and posts those photos on the race’s Facebook Event Page over the course of the weekend with the hashtag #BoomFest2018. Posting to Instagram and Twitter is also encouraged.