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Join the Boomteam!

As a organization run by volunteers, we wouldn’t exist without you!

Get involved with the coolest organization in Beaumont! If you need community service hours, you might as well earn them while meeting interesting new people, watching movies you’ll never see anywhere else, and listening to awesome music! Below are some of the positions we will need the weekend of the festival.


  • Registration table at our various venues
    • Sell passes to guests as they arrive, handle cash and cards, keep track of pre-sale ticket passes, putting wristbands on guests, assist guests with ticketing questions, check passes, and help set up or clean up as needed.
    • Keep an eye for passes as people file through the entrances. No one should get past the table without wristbands or tickets.
    • People with customer service experience are perfect for this role!
  • VIP Room attendant
    • Check that all guests have proper VIP passes and direct them to the registration table to upgrade and/or answer any questions they may have. Bonus: Meet the filmmakers, panelists, and musicians who hang out there.
  • Projectionist
    • *VLC KNOWLEDGE PREFERRED (but not necessary)*
      Run the projection of the films being shown and make sure there are no technical difficulties with projection or sound.
  • Bouncer
    • Stationed in strategic entry points around the festival (possibly with shades and a walkie talkie) to check passes and kindly point guests to the registration table if they accidently wander past it. No one should get past the bouncer without a pass, else, they are bounced out.
    • People with RBF or an intimidating aura and a sense of justice are perfect for this role!
  • Information table at our various venues
    • Located at various points of the festival, information table will be set up to help guests navigate the different aspects of the festival.
  • Concessions
    • *21+ONLY*
    • Handle snacks, beverages (including alcohol), and forms of payment.
  • Musician attendants
    • Help members of the music committee assist the musicians before and after their performances.
  • Parking attendant
    • Tell people where to park and where a cool orange vest. Possibly a light saber, if you play your cards right.
  • Set up and Clean up
    • A boring but essential part of the event coordinating process.

But, if you want to sink your teeth into a challenge and be a part of the festival in a deeper way, we also have a few higher involvement volunteer positions below:

  • Technical Directors
    • Set up, run, and breakdown the Audio/Visual projectors at a few of the screenings.
  • Digital Media Coordinator
    • Organize and compile selected films into blocks to be shown to the eager masses.
  • Guest Coordinator
    • Assist panelists with any questions or concerns they have about their hotel/travel/where-t0-eat-in-town.
  • Assistant to the Volunteer Coordinator
    • Help Superwoman, AKA Taylor, with scheduling volunteers, monitoring hours, and other duties.
  • Street Teamer
    • Note: This job is fun and potentially dangerous – you might get chased off someone’s lawn, but it will be worth it. Guerrilla style marketing of posters, hand fliers, yard signs, and other marketing strategies.
  • Photographers
    • Capture the various aspects of the festival through a lens. Great for those trying to build a portfolio. Volunteers will need to supply their own equipment.
  • Videographers
    • Certain events at the festival will need to be digitally captured (the staged reading, panels, a rocking show) for archival and future marketing purposes. Volunteers will need to supply their own equipment.
  • Social Media experts
    • Keep the public up to date with engaging posts on Instagram, Twitter, and whatever else you kids are into these days.
  • Awards Ceremony coordinator
    • Plan and coordinate the Awards Ceremony.

…and more! If you are interested please fill out this FORM! and it will go directly in the hands of Taylor, the volunteer coordinator, who will get you squared away with information about how many hours of volunteer work it will take to earn a free pass, how to sign up for shifts, and so on.

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