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Weekly Cast and Crew Calls: 11/26-12/2

Are you looking to work on a short film or take acting classes? Our friends at the Houston Film Commission make a list of casting/crew calls every week, which is a brilliant idea! You can subscribe to their newsletter at their website (http://www.houstonfilmcommission.com).
If you have a project that you need a crew or cast, please email us!



  • Texavision Media Center has launched Television Programming in Houston with live streaming content and access through mobile devices. We are currently seeking Associate Producers to join our team. Associate Producers will have the opportunity to create and broadcast their own shows, films or music videos. Duties include writing, editing, idea pitching, assist in promotions as well as manage growing tape needs on the program. For consideration, Producers must have writing knowledge/skills, excellent creative writing and communication skills, ability to recognize stories with potential and develop them into compelling broadcast content, highly detail oriented with the ability to execute ideas, comfortable working with talent, and other high profile individuals, excellent time management skills, with the ability to prioritize and multi-task, and work under shifting deadlines in a fast paced environment. Selected Producers are independent contractors and are paid positions. To schedule a pitch meeting, please email [email protected] or visit the TV Pitch Guidelines here http://bit.ly/2qeylhJ


  • Independent feature film “Girls, Guns, and Blood” is seeking crew for a shoot scheduled for December 12th – 17th in Brenham, TX. “Girls, Guns, and Blood” is a tribute to Grindhouse, 70’s exploitative movies. Synopsis: A brothel in the middle of Texas gets robbed. The women go on the hunt for the men that did the robbery and get their revenge. Crew Needed: Assistant Director, Grip, Camera Department, all of these will be Paid positions. P.A.’s needed too, Unpaid positions. All positions will have hotel and food provided for the week. Please send resumes/reels to Rowling Bones Productions at [email protected]




  • Independent feature film project “Scouts the Movie: Chronicles of Troop 242” is seeking cast. Synopsis: Chester, a young juvenile joins a local boy scout troop to escape spending time in juvenile detention. The boys in the troop have a hard time getting along with Chester as they prepare to compete in the local camporee with hopes of reviving the fallen troop. Cast Needed: PASTOR JAMES THOMPSON (Lead), 36 years old, African-American male, he is the new pastor at the local church that oversees Troop 242. A smart, kind man with a big heart, he is a former Eagle Scout who wants more than anything to help out the newest group of teens who’ve joined the patrol. Though he’s facing a lot of pressure to close the troop down, he’s not willing to let the kids down. He convinces John Hall to come back on board. TERESA (Supporting), 35 years old, African-American female, an energetic, former homecoming queen, Teresa has a smile that lights up the room. Chester’s mother, she is a loving, caring woman who wants what’s best for her child. Hard-working, she is employed as a nurse at the hospital. She lost her husband a year ago. When Chester is arrested, she is gravely disappointed. She’s grateful when Chester is given a second chance. GERALD RICHARDS (5 lines, 2 scenes), 80 years old, African-American male, dressed in full uniform, he is the scout leader of Troop 224 – and he’s doing a terrible job. Though well-meaning, he literally falls asleep during the meetings. SALLY (4 speeches & 3 lines, 1 scene), 30s, African-American female, sassy and cute, Sally is the kind of person who tells it like it is. Teresa’s neighbor, she is fun-loving and energetic. Production is scheduled for 11/27 – 12/22, 2017. Roles are Paid (SAG low budget). Please submit headshot/resume/reel and schedule audition appointments with LaMonde Howard at [email protected]


  • ElmoreVision Entertainment is seeking cast for a low budget independent film TWINLESS scheduled to begin shooting in Houston January 20th. Synopsis: An agoraphobic millionaire is being investigated for a series of murders that physically and psychologically he should not be able to commit. Cast Needed: Curvaceous, cat like sexy females 20-40 years of age, able to cry on cue and show two completely separate sides to themselves, needed to play a psychologist, a business woman and a street walker. Roles are Paid. Please submit headshot/resume/reel to [email protected]


  • Wisdom Production,LLC is seeking cast for a low budget independent film BEYOND THE VOWS scheduled to begin shooting in Houston January – February 2018. Synopsis: When a couple is faced with adultery and there is no where to turn,  the couple fight for their marriage by turning to GOD for healing and comfort. Cast Needed: KAREN (Lead), African American female, late 20s-early 30s, Karen is married, motherless and a conservative Christian, family oriented and compassionate. Her only downfall is that she’s insecure and has to fight her vain imaginations and negative thoughts; SPIRITUAL LEADER, female, any ethnicity, a tarot reader who tempts to read Karen her future until they discover that she is indeed a fraud; DON, African American male, late 20s-early 30s, thoughtful, hard-working, God-fearing and has a severe desire to prove to his wife, Karen that he will never be unfaithful again; CONNIE, female, any ethnicity, late 20s-early 30s, modest divorcee, she is grieving her wayward actions that caused her to lose her husband, she remains in the support group to gain strength for this new journey of singleness. Roles are Paid. Please submit headshot/resume/reel to Joan Montreuil at [email protected]


  • Eye Candy Inc. is seeking cast for a short film BIKE scheduled to shoot in Houston January 29 – February 6. Synopsis: A woman experiences an existential crisis. Cast Needed: Caucasian Actress 21-30 years old, strong, tenacious, rebellious, must be able to ride a bike, look good in bicycle clothing, and not afraid to perform basic stunts. Role is Paid (SAG affiliated Web Series Episode). Please submit headshot/resume/reel to [email protected]


  • Dub-G Films is seeking cast for independent feature film “Wards of Houston”. Synopsis: Wards of Houston is a family drama revolving around 15 year old Daisy Harlin and her struggle to co-exist in two very contrasting worlds of privilege and hood life. Accepted into a prestigious high school on an academic voucher, Daisy is subjected to daily bullying from her high class peers, causing Daisy to question the brokenness of her own home life. Never knowing her father, who was killed in her infancy, Daisy begins questioning and investigating his untimely death. Probing the fifth ward neighborhood of Houston, Texas, Daisy uncovers a multitude of secrets surrounding her fathers death. The more Daisy pursues the truth, the more she finds herself in danger from everyone in her path, forcing them to face every lie. Seeking Lead Role: Daisy Harlin, 15yo, African American female. Role is Paid. Please e-mail headshot/resume/reel to Zuauhn Z. Kyle at [email protected]



CAST CALL [Non Paid]


  • Modern archeologists Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz of History Channel’s AMERICAN PICKERS  are heading to Texas December – January and would love to explore what you may have. They are on the hunt for interesting characters with interesting and unique items. Some of what they look for: vintage bicycles, toys, unusual radios, movie memorabilia, advertising, military items, folk art, vintage musical equipment, vintage automotive items, early firefighting equipment, vintage clothing, and pre-50’s western gear. If you have a large private collection or want to refer someone to Mike and Frank (no store, malls, flea markets, museums, auctions, businesses or anything open to the public), e-mail your name, number, address and description of the private collection and photos to  [email protected] or call 855-OLD-RUST


  • Student project is seeking cast for short film ESCAPE scheduled to shoot in Houston December 1st – 10th. Synopsis: A girl that is a bit off and has a drinking problem that her boyfriend, Tyler, is the trigger for when he doesn’t show up on time. After she begins to drink, Mason appears and cleans up her life, but not in reality. Cast Needed: Male Late Teens/Early 20’s. Role is Unpaid. Please submit headshot/resume/reel to [email protected]


  • Student project is seeking cast for short film FLIPPED scheduled to shoot in Huntsville TX November 17th – 19th. Synopsis: A psychological-thriller short film about a golden engagement ring that carries a spirit. Jack, a young man, buys a beautiful engagement ring for his girlfriend at a local antique shop. However, Jack is unaware that the ring is “haunted.” Cast Needed: Female: 25-30s, comfortable with kissing on camera, have the ability to do a southern-bell accent. Have to ability to switch characters. Male: 25-30s, comfortable with kissing on camera. Roles are Unpaid. Please submit headshot/resume/reel to [email protected]


  • Leftfield Pictures is seeking real people cast in Houston, for those who need an opportunity to receive guidance from Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer. “The Book of John Gray” is a dramedy docu-follow hybrid about the life of John Gray and his uniquely humorous way of helping people. John, who is an associate pastor at Houston’s Lakewood Church under Pastor Joel Osteen, is just beginning to achieve success. Known for his loud, hilarious, unconventional ways, John will give viewers unprecedented and intimate access into his church and home life. John uses his deep convictions, hard-earned wisdom and famous sense of humor to help people overcome their greatest challenges, all while facing his own everyday struggles as a husband and father. The TV series will shoot in Houston November 2017 – April 2018. For more information and to submit your story, please visit https://www.oprah.com/plug_sg.html?plug_id=s3/3673302/THE-BOOK-OF-JOHN-GRAY-SHARE-YOUR-STORY


  • TKG Productions is seeking cast for a short film called FAMILY TIES to be shot in the Houston area in December. Synopsis: A short story about Detective Whitney and her hunt for a known fugitive. As she gets closer to catching him, she begins to find out that his enterprise is more than she could have ever imagined and things are not as they seem. Cast Needed: Antagonist: Male African American 21-25 y/o. Support Actor: Male any race 25-35 y/o. Support Actor: Male any race 40+ y/o. Support actress: Female African American 40+ y/o. Extras also needed 21-40 y/o. Roles are Unpaid, meals and IMDb credit provided. Audtions are Dec. 1-3. Please submit headshots/resume/reel to [email protected] or call 713-515-5147


  • Student film “Godspeed” is seeking cast for a short film to be shot 2-3 days a week over a one month period in the Friendswood area. Synopsis” The film is about 3 teens, Nasir, David, and Ronnie. Ronnie is struggling to get his mom away from his father’s abuse. He enters an uncomfortable situation to make money, and things go downhill. This results in one of his best friends, David, double-crossing him. It concludes with Ronnie standing up to his father and moving away with his mom. Cast Needed: African American male, 5’7″ or taller. Audition is October 29th. Roles are Unpaid. Please submit headshot/resumes to [email protected]



  • A Beginner’s Introduction to Voice Over/Acting Workshop will be held on Saturday, December 9th from 1:00P-5:00P at 4801 Woodway Drive (77056).  John Wesley Downey will conduct the workshop which includes basic technique, lots of practice and constructive critiques. Includes Radio & TV commercial scripts and industrial narration. Discount for early enrollment. PayPal accepted. Workshop is limited to five students. For more information and to register contact John at [email protected]
  • Crystal Martinez offers classes and private lessons that consist primarily of scene work for film and TV, where you’ll learn how to break down scripts and do character analysis and are geared toward preparing you to get representation, by prepping for you for agent visits, auditions, and for getting you ready to be more confident, camera aware and set ready.To reserve a spot please visit us at https://www.ogac.life


  • Next Actor Studio is holding on-camera acting classes for adults, teens & kids at West U and Rice Village area, along with Stanislavski Method Sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students, as well as screenwriting and filmmaking workshops. Enrollment is ongoing. For more information please visit http://www.nextactor.com/ or e-mail [email protected] or call 713-532-2867


  • Actors Helping Actors” is a talented team approach by Marilyn Swick, SAG-AFTRA actor, bringing acting workshops for all ages and levels, that includes a production team to shoot reels, auditions, shorts, and even feature films.  The adult group meets on Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 pm. The mixed group adults/children meets on Saturdays from 10:00-11:30 am. All classes are held at my office in Memorial. Please visit my IMDB page to learn more about my work  http://www.imdb.me/marilynswick or e-mail [email protected] to hold a spot for the next workshop, private, or audition self-tape.  Class schedules and changes are posted 48 hours prior to class in the event I am booked on set.  For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/Actors-Helping-Actors-468351116701654




  • Tom Vaughan is teaching a 1-Day Story Structure Workshop that focuses on building a story structure through making several key decisions early on that ease the burden on the author and puts it where it belongs: the story. This process is more about scenes and sequences rather than plot points in order to maximize the dramatic impact as well as the commercial viability of the project. The blank page will be less intimidating than ever. The workshop is Saturday, January 13th, 10:00AM – 3:30PM at University of Houston Student Center South (4455 University Dr, Houston, Texas 77004). For complete information and to register visit -> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/story-and-plot-screenwriting-workshop-tickets-40167281420


  • Houston MediaSource, Houston’s Public Access Television Channel, provides training and equipment for aspiring Film, TV, and radio producers. Houston’s creatives are welcomed to learn how their artistic visions can be transformed into high-quality film or TV productions at FREE Orientation Sessions held every Monday at 6 p.m. Houston MediaSource is located at 410 Roberts, 77003 in EaDo. Attendees will learn how they can produce their own TV shows, radio programs, and film projects at Houston MediaSource, using top of the line gear, studios, and editing facilities. Learn more at www.hmstv.org or RSVP to Roger E Palomino at  [email protected] or call (713) 524-7700 x112