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2024 Music Video Challenge

Boomtown Music Video Challenge

Boomtown is back with the Music Video Challenge, a fun & free filmmaking contest for Southeast Texas. And This year we’re thrilled to welcome The Collab Studio as our official prize sponsor! The Collab Studio is the exciting new production facility in Beaumont, TX that offers studio space, equipment rentals, classes and more. Learn all about about what The Collab Studio has to offer at CollabStudioTX.com

The 2024 Music Video Challenge blasts off on Friday, July 26, when teams will choose a song from our collection of music made by a variety of local bands. They’ll then get a week (including two weekends) to create their music video for that song before turning it in on the night of Monday, August 5. That’s when all the music videos will be screened together with the audience choosing a favorite. Winners will receive fabulous prizes! Be sure to read all the deets below.

Kick-off: Friday, July 26 at the Logon Café (3805 Calder Ave, Beaumont) during our “Halfway To Boomtown” fundraising concert. Filmmakers are invited to sign up after that event begins at 7pm.
Fundraiser Facebook event page: www.facebook.com/share/mxejtkkwhSKU9Qrt/
Music Video Challenge Facebook event page: www.facebook.com/share/sYxg5wNtTRaSmgay/

How to sign up: Just have your team, or a team representative, come to the “Halfway to Boomtown” concert and let us know that you’re there for the challenge. Between bands the MC will let teams select their song, choosing from a collection of local music representing a variety of genres. Once your team contact info & selection has been recorded, you’re off!

Price to participate: IT’S FREE! However, there is a $10 cover charge at the “Halfway to Boomtown” fundraiser concert. If you want to avoid that charge, or just aren’t able to attend the event in person, teams are allowed to send Boomtown a message after the challenge has started (after July 26) in order to sign up remotely. Teams that sign up remotely will be randomly assigned a song. The only way to choose what music your team gets is to be at the kick-off in person.

What if you can’t attend the kick-off in person: See above answer.

Deadline: 8:00 PM on Monday, August 5 at the Logon Café. Music videos must be delivered as a data file by that deadline, either by physically bringing the video file there on a drive, or by e-mailing a download link to boomtownfest {at} gmail {dot} com, or by uploading the video to a streaming service like Youtube and e-mailing us a link to that.

Screening & Decisions: Be sure to stick around after you turn in your music video because all completed vids will be screened immediately after the deadline, at 8:30 PM on Monday, August 5 at the Logon Café. That’s also when the audience will pick a favorite.

Prizes: Makers of the audience’s favorite video will receive a prize donated by The Collab Studio! Possible prizes include…

Studio Rental Prize – Access to the entire Collab Studio for 3 hours. Perfect for a comprehensive project or multiple smaller shoots throughout the day. (Maximum 4 guests.) Includes:

  • Photography studio.
  • Videography room.
  • Green room.
  • Editing room/computer lab.
  • Dressing room.

Professional Photoshoot Prize – A 2-hour session with a professional photographer. Includes

  • Access to the photography studio with various backdrops and lighting setups.
  • 5 edited high-resolution images, perfect for portfolios, marketing, or personal use (with option to purchase additional edits at a discounted rate.)
  • Full digital catalog of images taken during shoot.

Production Package Prize – Video or podcast production package. Includes:

  • Pre-production (Concept development and planning session to outline the project.)
  • Production (A 4-hour shoot or recording session, including equipment such as lighting & sound.)
  • Post-Production (Basic editing, color correction, and sound mixing for a finished 1-5 minute video or podcast episode up to 30 minutes. This includes the creation of graphics or titles if needed.)


  • The Music Video Challenge is open to all ages.
  • Teams may consist of any number of people.
  • It is free to participate in the Boomtown Music Video Challenge.
  • At the beginning of the contest, a representative of each team must provide a team name, contact information, and choose their song. Teams that sign up remotely because they could not be present at the kick-off will be assigned a song.
  • Music videos may be no longer than 30 seconds more than the run time of their song, including credits.
  • It’s asked that submitted digital files be limited in size to 2 GB, and saved in common video formats. (Please no Apple Pro Res files.) This is to ensure that there is no problem playing your music video at the screening.
  • Because the screening and judging of music videos will happen immediately after the challenge deadline, late submissions cannot be accepted.