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Memorial Day Weekend


If you haven’t already seen “Solo” in theaters this weekend, you probably aren’t going to (and apparently, you won’t be missing much) so here’s some other sources of entertainment to par with beer, fireworks (legal fireworks, please don’t catch your neighbors house on fire), and the Grand Ole Flag flying.

  • Last night on PBS, there was a National Memorial Day Concert. You can catch it here on their website – stream it on your TV and feel the soaring majesty of the bald eagle beating in your chest.
  • On CNN catch “1968: The Year the Changed America“, a documentary style exploration of all things Vietnam, hippie culture (aye Janis Joplin), Dr. Martin Luther King, and the events that made this year unforgettable.
  • Memorial Day began as a tribute to those who fought in the Civil War, so classics like Glory, which stars a young Denzel Washington,  Lincoln, and The Free State of Jones, staring Matthew McConaughey – minus the bongos.
  • If actual war violence isn’t your thing, then go with Captain America: The Winter Solider, and bonus points if you bask in the campy versions of old like the 1990 Captain America.
  • And you can’t forget some funky Tunes!


In whatever way you choose to celebrate, we hope you have a great weekend!