Holiday Blitz: Remember the Night

by Christopher Dombrosky Watch this, not that. It’s what I tell anyone who says that “Christmas in Connecticut” is among their annual rotation of classic holiday movies. Swap it, I tell them, with the less famous but far better Barbara Stanwyck Christmas flick “Remember the Night.” I confess that I originally watched “Remember the Night”Continue Reading

Memorial Day Weekend

  If you haven’t already seen “Solo” in theaters this weekend, you probably aren’t going to (and apparently, you won’t be missing much) so here’s some other sources of entertainment to par with beer, fireworks (legal fireworks, please don’t catch your neighbors house on fire), and the Grand Ole Flag flying. Last night on PBS,Continue Reading

2018 Gusher Winners!

Best Narrative Feature The Best of All Worlds Director: Adrian Goiginger Best Narrative Short DAS LEBEN IN MIR “THE LIFE INSIDE” Director: Konstantin Egerndorfer Best Documentary Feature Jazz The Only Way Of Life Director: Jacques Matthey Best Documentary Short Stripes Out Director: Ian Powell Best Experimental Film The Realm of Deepest Knowing Director: Seung HeeContinue Reading

2018 Oscar Opinions: Lady Bird

Lady Bird by Christopher Dombrosky Lady Bird reminds me of a girl named Greta. Not Gerwig. (I’ll get to her later.) Greta Gustafsson, who dreamed of being an actress. It was a big dream for the teenage daughter of laborers in 1920s Sweden. Years later Orson Welles, ironically at his fattest, would describe Greta GustafssonContinue Reading