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Backstage: Jazz Mystery

Backstage. Jazz-misteria (1 hr, 10 min) DIRECTED BY: Lera Ogourtsova Russia Reality and dream becomes mixed in this technically dazzling experimental film when the night of a young saxophonist’s graduation party becomes as unpredictable as jazz music. It’s a mystery of meaning and illusions. The rhythm of the night in St Petersburg, harmony and improvisation, remind...

Killing Time

Killing Time (54 min) Documentary Directed By: Jaap van Hoewijk Texas Premiere 6 February 1998: Erin is home alone in Port Arthur, TX when a masked man suddenly appears in her living room. 12 June 2013: Preparations are underway at Huntsville State Penitentiary for the execution of Elroy Chester by lethal injection for the rape of Erin and...


The Beaumont Community Players will be performing this live staged reading of this year’s award-winning screenplay ‘Unpredictable’, written by Eileen Cook and Allison Beda, in which a young woman pretends to have psychic powers to win back her ex-boyfriend, but fails to predict how much trouble it will get her into. John Manfredi,...