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BoomfestX Exclusive Access with The Reputations

By TravisĀ Leatherwood I sat down with The Reputations ahead of their performance this weekend at the Boomtown Film and Music Festival. The Reputations hail from Austin and feature a well known Beaumont name (dare I even say Beaumont indie scene legend?) in Jenny Carson, formerly of Jenny and the Reincarnation, as well as five...

#BoomFest & Uber: Your Ride’s on Us

The #BoomFest16 Planning Team loves a good adult cocktail or two - we even made sure to include a frothy beer on our 2016 poster! Which is why we're pumped to announce that we've teamed up with the popular ride-share app Uber* to give #BoomFest16 patrons a responsible way home. So get to the...

Extra! Extra! Confirmed Films @ #BoomFest16

It's a little known fact that our festival screens two types of films during our 3-day event: film contest entries and invited films. While film contest entries are submitted by the filmmakers themselves in a competition to win our coveted Gusher award, invited films are hand selected by our film committee to bring...