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Summer Interview Series – Jason Raschen

Jason A. Raschen is a Houston-based award-winning film producer and a permanent fixture in Houston’s independent film scene. He has lived in the Houston area for over 25 years. His films have been selected and have screen at numerous film festivals around the world, including The Houston Cinema Arts Festival. His body of...

Summer Interview Series – Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson is a Texas based actor who took a non-traditional route to enter the film industry.  He has been a part of projects ranging from commercial to feature films like Ain't Them Bodies Saints.  He was very gracious to spend some time talking to Boomtown Film Festivals about the most important things...

Summer Interview Series – Cassie Hay

The benefits of having multiple skills, the Texas film industry, women as directors, and more.  We touched on all the important topics with Cassie Hay, Director, Writer, and Producer of The Liberators. The Liberators was your first feature, but you've worked a lot on other productions, mostly as an accountant or location scout.  How...

Summer Interview Series: Lucas Martell

Lucas Martell is an award winning writer, director, and animation artist.  He is known of for shorts like "Oceanmaker" and "Pigeon Impossible".  He is also a co-founder at his animation and post production studio, Mighty Coconut What first inspired you to pursue filmmaking in general? It was something that I’ve always been interested in, since...

Summer Interview Series – Andrew Bolzman

Andrew Bolzman has crewed for over a dozen movies and TV shows in the past few years, including being part of the location management teams for the AMC Original Series “TURN” and Jeff Nichols newest film, “Loving”.   Boomtown: This is the second or third historical movie you've crewed for over the past few years;...